White Rain Moisturizing Conditioner 443 ml


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  • Apple Blossom Scent : Take your hair to a fragrant orchard filled with the sweet scents of fresh apple blossom while leaving hair feeling nourished and looking beautiful.

Item code : 286385

  • Coconut & Hibiscus : Bathe your senses in the scent of a tropical mix of creamy coconut and blooming hibiscus to help keep gair feeling nourished and looking beautiful

Item code: 286394

  • Energizing Citrus : Hydrate and clean hair, leaving it feeling luxuriously soft and refreshingly smooth with energizing citrus and active botanicals

Item code: 286386

  • Ocean Mist : Dive into the refreshing scents of Ocean Mist. Filled with nourishing moisture, your skin will feel hydrated and look gorgeous.

Item Code: 286391


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286385 Apple Blossom, 286394 Coconut & Hibiscus, 286386 Energizing Citrus, 286391 Ocean Mist