Sexy Hair Style Lock Pro Hair Dryer


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    The automatic sensor turns the dryer on each time it is received and turns it off each time it is placed. This feature can be turned Off-On. Inside the dryer, a ceramic coating provides the infrared heat effect, which ensures gentle and fast hair drying. Off-On ION technology provides individualized hair drying for each guest.

    IN POSITIVE (OFF) position: To create a taller and fuller hairstyle, set the ION button to OFF.

    IN THE NEGATIVE POSITION: To create a silky and smooth hairstyle, set the ION knob to the ON position. Very light hair dryer, however, extremely powerful, 1875 watts. 3 levels of heat and 2 speeds can be set. It is equipped with a cooling button.

    Equipped with extra long cord.

    ITEM # 292666