Clubman Pinaud Classic Aftershave Lotion


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Clubman Pinaud Classic Aftershave Lotion is best used to help razor nicks heal and soothe skin irritation after shaving. Its unique and distinctive scent combines citrus fruits such as orange, bergamot, and lemon with floral notes from geranium, jasmine, and orange flower. A warm musk fragrances completes this aftershave, adding to the refreshing tingle left on the skin after use.

Available in 6 oz, 12.5 oz, or 16 oz

Edouard Pinaud launched the Clubman line of fragrances more than two centuries ago in Paris, France. He built his name as an experienced perfumer in the court of Napoleon III and that expertise helped spread the Clubman line to countries around the world. Since being sold to American owners, the Clubman line has continued to produce and expand its classic grooming products.

Made in the USA

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16 oz / 473ml, 12.5 oz / 370ml, 1.7oz 50ml