Woody’s Clay Pomade 3.4 oz./100ml


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Master the Rug: Woody’s Clay Puff is perfect for the guys trying to achieve that lackluster look. If you want your hair to look like it is naturally maintained in amazing ways, this pomade is for you. Gives you excellent support without the crunchy or shiny look of gel.

The Perfect Balance: Woody’s Pomade gives you incredible support for your desired look, with all the flexibility you need, too. Its ingredient formula allows it to work in all directions while delivering reliable performance.

EASY TO USE: Before applying, wash your hands thoroughly for best results. Apply a small amount with your hands and work through the hair, distributing evenly. Comb or work with your fingers as desired, for long-lasting grip and style.

Quality Grooming Products – We make products without compromise focusing on only the best ingredients to cleanse, nourish and protect. Woody’s is aimed at the man who is looking for a simple and comfortable daily regimen that offers frill-free staples that smell good and get the job done.

Product Specifications: Package Contains 1 Woody Clay Pumkin, Quality Men’s Care, 3.4 Ounce. A modern pomade for exceptional grip without stiffness and that “crunchy” gel. Matte finish clay with firm and flexible grip.

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